los angeles

Visited California about a month ago. Now getting around to writing about it. My flight flew over a wildfire to get there - insane view. I knew visiting here, things would look different. Lets just say 2020 adds 5 years to Los Angeles. Met my brother most of the time and checked out some opportunities. Captured some spots:
  • ate at some favorite spots (rip saki house)
  • visit little tokyo / toy district
  • live stream off remote equipment
  • eat more / drink more
  • shoot sick photos

Los Angeles is just New York lying down.

Quentin Crisp

I will always have a spot for LA. I lived there for six years – met amazing people, experienced so much, gained so much knowledge. I planned to come back someday – till then i really love you.


Los Angeles is 72 suburbs in search of a city.

Dorothy Parker

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