los angeles

Visited California about a month ago. Now getting around to writing about it. My flight flew over a wildfire to get there - insane view. I knew visiting here, things would look different. Lets just say 2020 adds 5 years to Los Angeles. Met my brother most of the time and checked out some opportunities. Captured some spots:
  • ate at some favorite spots (rip saki house)
  • visit little tokyo / toy district
  • live stream off remote equipment
  • eat more / drink more
  • shoot sick photos

Los Angeles is just New York lying down.

Quentin Crisp

I will always have a spot for LA. I lived there for six years – met amazing people, experienced so much, gained so much knowledge. I planned to come back someday – till then i really love you.


Los Angeles is 72 suburbs in search of a city.

Dorothy Parker

in a perfect planet

i would have a playstation 5.

I prefer PC any day but I PS5 is going to do okay in the console race. The exclusive games look great but there is a lot of PS4 games (remastered or just an update) releasing alongside the launch (meh). Either way this console will go down in history - someone get me one.

This is not an #ad ?

It looks sexy
Ultra-high speed SSD (really sexy)
Integrated I/O (really really sexy)
Ray Tracing
4K-TV Gaming / 8K Output
120hz Output
HDR Technology

play has no limits

but consoles really do LUL

the new new

After a while I like to remodel the website theme. Since there has been a lot more going on with the brand, I thought to add them to the website. Including my live streaming (www.twitch.tv/aarondotjpeg) art, media, games, etc. Check out the website and the channel for more updates on when I go live, what we are drawing and more. Thank you everyone for the awesome support as the growing pains of the community will only get worse 🙂

Also Congrats to owning something for over 10 years and happy 10th birthday to this web domain. Wishing and putting a lot of energy into the new new – the new plan.

happy 10 years old ?